You make the difference with a well crafted front-end

Front-end developers give the "face" to your website. Webdesign becomes tangible to a well crafted user interface. The much needed functionalities are added to the website, native app or progressive web app (PWA). It is done in a responsive way that will operate on different devices and different resolutions on different browsers. In other words creativity and tech come together in the skillset of the front-end developers.

How do you keep track of the latest libraries out there?

The front end developing world changes rapidly and it is vital to keep track. It is not always easy to stay on top of the latest in your own smaller in house team of developers. Our front-end developers keep up with the latest developments and new frameworks and libraries are shared in the big team developers working together. That is the advantage of having 150 self proclaimed "nerds" in one company.

Senior front-end developers instantly available .

Our professional team is not only working on the technical features of the applications, but make sure that the design is appealing as well. Usually a front-end developer will specialize in a number of most used scripts- and languages, like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

Always in control.

Front-end developers are creative and divers. Nevertheless we see that per company the role and exact scope will change per project and company we work for. The most frequent tasks are development and the testing of the front-end and therefor the visual part of the application. The developer is building the parts of the webapplication or webshop that the user is interacting with.

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    No time consuming recruitment and admin overhead

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    Fixed team of developers

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    Always in control

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    Instantly senior developers available

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    Fixed contactperson in the Netherlands

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“We deliver a flexible scalable layer of front-end developers around your own team. This way ensuring that you have the capacity to be agile for independant projects, or as a valuable asset to your permanent team. TR2sourcing has enough front-end specialists to get your projects done.”

Roelf Nienhuis

Owner TR2Sourcing

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