Use our first hand experience

During our careers we have already experienced first hand that outsourcing of software development is working.
Need to speed up to make sure you are delivering on time and within budget, or you want to expand your team temporarily with extra capacity. We are using our knowledge and experience to support companies and tackle these similar challenges.

About TR2sourcing

We have experienced first hand how limited budgets and limited resources have the tendency to put stress on the scope or feasibility of any project. The option to temporarily scale a project with more developers for that specific projects is often a difficult task.

Outsourcing sometimes seems difficult, and yes there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. But we have seen that outsouring has proven to be a reliable and efficient way to scale once we had found the right partner.

That is exactly why we have started TR2sourcing. We want to share the experience that we already have gained with others. We know our developers , we know how to start an efficient collaboration, we know the qualities of the individual team members , and above all we know how we can make this a success together.

Our Story

  1. TR2media founded

    In 2010 TR2media was born. May smaller projects often based on CMS'ses like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. These projects were done by Roelf himself together with a number of Dutch development partners, for the 20% of the work. The availability of the right people for the job and the high costs involved made it challenging for TR2media

    This caused the exploration of outsourcing abroad.

  2. First experiences with outsourcing India

    The issues that we encountered with outsourcing at that time, were mostly related to cultural differences between each country. For India this originated in the fact that it is not a custom to say "no" to me as a customer. It turned out that that is simply not done. But deadlines were not held and projects ran late. Only the CEO of a company could be straight forward and inform me that the deadlines were unrealistic or the job was not finished.
    We live by the rule that everyone is more helped when there is a candid and open answer when we ask can we make this deadline. If this is not the case we have some options, or we will narrow the scope down or we will scale the number of developers. But at least we have something to choose from.

  3. Switch Outsourcing to China

    Bigger and international customers found their way to TR2media. From our roots the travel industry we worked for projects in the car rental and Dutch touroperators. In this period we switched to a Chinese development partner. Here we found very clever developers and dedicated workers, but communication turned out to be difficult. This often resulted in a high percentage of re-work and quality was lacking. To get the project done in a "first time right" way was a challenge. The lack of skillset in the English language was caused by the fact that the Chinese first have to learn the ABC before they can start with learning English. That makes it much more difficult to learn to read write and speak the English language.

  4. Outsourcing Ukraine

    Despite the challenges in India and China , Outsourcing was still the way to go, so we looked for alternative solutions, and we did a number of projects with developers from Ukraine.
    Here the communication was fine but the commitment and dedication, in comparison with developers from China and India was missed. Establishing a connection , to which we value a lot, was difficult. Apart from that the hourly rate skyrocketed as well, which dismissed the financial gain.

  5. Eureka, Vietnam! and TR2 IT b.v. was born.

    In teh mean time we have been working succesfully with a commited team from Vietnam. The service and commitment and the dedication is aligning fully with what we are looking for in a partner. The high level of education in Vietnam, with a lot of technical educated developers. Ensures that we see a lot of highly skilled developers with a high quality standard.
    At the same time the learning of the English language is more easy as with the Chinese as the characterset of the Vietnamese language is the same as our Western used character set. This leads to developers that can read and write English in a normal way and thus understand our requirements 😉

  6. Diverse outsourcing projects

    For a Dutch rental car company we have created an Intranet and a loyalty programm
    The platform is used in the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

    At first the development in Vietnam is guided fully by us, but over time the Dutch team of the customer has taken the lead in the needs from the Vietnamese team. That is exactly how we like to see it happening and think that it is the best option for our customers.
    The collaboration between the Dutch rental car company and the Vietnamese development team is still ongoing.

  7. Expansion of outsourcing of new projects

    After succesfully implementing numerous projects in the Dutch travel industry, the time has come to move into new verticals.
    New customers are coming in and more logistical projects start to come our way. For one of the largest suppliers of Dental products in the NL, BE, GE and AU wen have build a "delivery monitor" based on internal and external data sources. Which are connected by an array of API's. This project became an collaboration, between the Dutch native inhouse developers and the Vietnamese team who build the front end in Vue.js.

  8. TR2sourcing founded

    More and more we see the need of affordable software developers, the number of available developers is low. Outsourcing becomes more common practice, but it is often difficult to find your way in the jungle of options. With our experience with outsourcing we can help to make sure that companies can start using outsourcing in a successful way. We have already stepped in the pitfalls on the route to success for you so you do not have to make the same mistakes.
    In the mean time our development partner has grown to 150 developers. And with that they are a successful partner that have finished numerous projects all over the globe.

    And in the mean time we keep being busy with new projects. In one of the projects we have realized a complete Magento B2C and B2B e-commerce solution. With which the producer of durable ecological socks, as a warehouse could go into the B2C and B2B online markets. The complete setup with connections to the ERP system, the fulfillment and marketplace connections were made .

  9. Flexibility in scaling

    For a customer that needed to scale to make a tight deadline, we have initially temporarily scaled the existing team of 2 in house developers with an additional 2 back-enders ( Django ) and one Front-ender (Vue.js en CESS ) .

    Eventually an hybrid team evolved in which the Vietnamese knowledge is a welcome source for the NL developers that learn more and more from their Vietnamese colleagues.

  10. TR2Sourcing is growing!

    The market need determines our growth! We see that the knowledge that TR2sourcing has in teh field of outsourcing is recognized and we are growing steadily. The moment that both founders Roelf and Frans decide to invest further and see if we can assist more interesting customers with nice challenges and we love to share our knowledge and experience on the matter.

Waarom outsourcen in Vietnam?

Outsourcing van ontwikkel capaciteit moet niet worden onderschat. De keuze om tijdelijk of permanent een aantal ontwikkelaars toe te voegen aan je bestaande team, of de ontwikkeling van een compleet project uit handen te geven aan een externe club ontwikkelaars in het buitenland, brengt daarom vaak vragen en onzekerheid met zich mee. Vooral ook omdat verschillende landen ook nog eens een compleet andere achtergrond en cultuur hebben.

Hier helpt het als je in je eigen taal bij mensen dichtbij terecht kunt met je vragen. Wij zijn, na ervaringen met verschillende ontwikkel teams uit verschillende landen, een aantal jaren geleden uitgekomen bij ons huidige team in Vietnam.

Zij sluiten goed aan bij de eisen en wensen die wij stellen op het gebied van kwaliteit en mentaliteit.
De combinatie van senioriteit op de verschillende moderne development gebieden, de flexibiliteit van de mensen, maar ook werkethos, maken dat wij graag en jarenlang succesvol met hen samenwerken.

Wij zijn Roelf Nienhuis en Frans van der Werff. Onze samenwerking begon jaren geleden in de reisbranche, tijdens de pioniersfase van ecommerce.
In verschillende rollen en binnen verschillende branches hebben wij sindsdien veel ervaring opgedaan met alle aspecten op het gebied van ecommerce, development van software en organisatorische veranderingen die automatisering met zich meebrengt.

In 2019 zijn wij gestart met TR2sourcing, vanuit de behoefte deze kennis in te zetten voor andere organisaties.

Roelf Nienhuis

Owner TR2sourcing