€25,- per hour

Transparant and simple, the costs are €25,- per developer per hour ( if your company is located in NL excl VAT).

€25,- per hour

We have a fixed tariff of € 25,- per hour ( excluding VAT if your company is located or has a branch in the Netherlands) for senior developers. If you have specific wishes or specific projects for which you would like a specific offer. Just let us know. We would like to explore the options together and see if our solutions are a good fit. In the unlikely event that our solution does not match your needs, no worries, maybe next time.

Explore Cargo Transport System activities within planning, transport modeling, design, construction supervision and management services.
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Project support**

Are you in need of other support to get your project going like a product owner or project manager. Or maybe you want to outsource your entire project?
The Dutch based consultants of our sister company TR2media** would love to help you with the planning and management of a well architected project against a reduced fare of €62,50** per hour.

VN developer through TR2sourcing
€25,- per hour

Our senior developers are ready to take on your next project. Or we can help you in a permanent way and add developers to your existing team. After we deliver we will keep being available for service and support, as well when you want to scale up again for the next project.

Best Deal
Dutch freelancer
€60 - €90 per hour

Pay a lot and choose your Dutch freelancer. Watch your steps it might be that they cannot deliver when you want to accelerate once more half way the project or they might nog be able to service you when you have an ad-hoc extra assignment because they are tooo busy with another customer. And regardless you will pay too much 😉

FAQ's about our €25,- per hour

What do these ** mean?

This service is offered together with our sister company TR2media. Normally the Dutch based consultancy hours are 75 EUR excl VAT, but in this collaboration with TR2sourcing they are offered at 62,50 EUR excl VAT.

Can you make packages of support and developers?
Flexible on a monthly basis, how come?
What if I have a project of less then a month?
Project support, what does a Product owner do?
Project support, why a Project manager?
When will I start paying?
Don't you know any price differences?

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